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INNOSLIP–E Series offers grades of erucamide, an unsaturated primary amide produced from erucic acid derived from vegetable oil. INNOSLIP–E Series is used as a Slip and Anti-Block agent in polyolefin resin production as well as in processing to enhance the quality of end products, all without materially altering the properties of the polymer itself. It is characterized by its low volatility, good heat stability and slow migration.

Chemical Name

Erucamide  ;  (Z)-13-Docosenamide

Property / Recommended Use
Slip and Anti-Block Property

INNOSLIP–E series functions as a high performing slip agent and good anti-block agent in polyolefin resins, in particular polyethylene and polypropylene for film applications, by migrating to the surface to form a thin layer of external lubrication that adds the slip property.

Reduce Friction

INNOSLIP–E series reduces problems arising from the inherent tendency of polymers to cause friction and adhere to other surfaces. The addition of slip property aids not only in the initial resin production but alsoprocessing of the resins by the end users (e.g. facilitates mold release duringinjection molding process and reduces coefficient of friction in films).

Slow Migration

INNOSLIP–E Series migrates slower than oleamide does because of its larger molecular structure. Such property is necessary for making PE and PP films that need printing, sealing or other surface treatments immediately after extrusion; the slow migration allows time for the surface treatments before forming a layer on the surface.

High Processing Temperature

INNOSLIP–E series has low volatility and high heat stability, making it suitable for use in PE and PP films which are processed under high temperature.

High Slip & Secondary Anti-block
Trade name Innoslip-E Innoslip-ER Innoslip-EH Innoslip-EL
Description Erucamide Erucamide Erucamide Erucamide
Physical form at 25°C Bead / Microbead / Powder Bead / Microbead / Powder Bead / Microbead / Powder Bead / Microbead / Powder
Raw material origin Vegetable Vegetable Vegetable Vegetable
Amide Purity(%) min. 98.5% min. 98.5% min. 99.0% min. 95%
lodine Value(g I2/100g) 74-49 75-80 75-80 70-90
Melting Point(°C) 80-84 79-83 79-83 70-86
Color(Gardner) max. 2.0 max. 2.0 max. 2.0 max. 2.0
Acid Value(mgKOH/g) max. 0.5 max. 0.5 max. 0.2 max. 1.5
Moisture(%) max. 0.5 max. 0.5 max. 0.1 max. 0.5
Key effects &
recommended uses
·  High Slip / Secondary Anti-Block ·  Slip / release in polylefin and many other polymers ·  INNOSLIP-EH is high purity grade ·  INNOSLIP-EL is technical grade