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A company that creates
tomorrow together with the customers

Decades of experience
under our belt.

Our history began in 1974 when we started as Daejin Corporation, a pioneering distributor of fatty acid amides in Korea to meet the needs of Korea's budding petrochemical industry. In order to better meet the demands of our customers and to deliver top quality products, we invested in production technology and became a manufacturer of amides. Our first manufacturing plant was built in 1991, in Gyeongju, Korea.

  • Innovation for customer satisfaction
  • Collaboration and cooperation for trust
  • Responsibility to society and company
  • 2022 Jul. Obtained WHC-Halal 59th Korea Trade Day, Awarded $20-Million Export Tower Certified by INNO-BIZ Certified by Materials, Parts and Equipment Specialized Company Established Company R&D Center
  • 2021 Dec. Obtained K-Reach (Erucamide & Oleamide) 58th Korea Trade Day, Awarded $10-Million Export Tower
  • 2019 Jul. Obtained K-Halal (Updated Jul.2022)
  • 2018 Nov. Obtained EU Reach (Erucamide & Oleamide)
  • 2017 Oct. Obtained Jhospa (Erucamide & Oleamide)
  • 2016 Sep. Obtained ISO 9001:2015 (updated Sep.2020) & ISO 14001:2015 (updated Sep.2020) Mar. Completed construction of new fatty acid amide plant in Jincheon, Korea
  • 2014 Jan. Established Pathwel Co.,Ltd to produce fatty acid amide
  • 2001 Renamed company from Daejin Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd to DY Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • 1998 Divested the plant to Akzo Nobel N.V.
  • 1991 Completed construction of fatty acid amide plant in Gyeongju, Korea
  • 1989 Established Daejun Find Chemical Co.,Ltd as a producer of fatty acid amide
  • 1974 Established Daejin Corporation as an exclusive agent/ distributor of fatty acid amide in Korea