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A company that strives
for a better daily life and future

Corporate Social Responsibility

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A good business not only serves its customers but is also socially responsible. This is why we have invested in eco-friendly amides manufacturing processes and equipment to minimize our impact on the environment.

Furthermore, as a company with customers worldwide, our communities are not limited by national borders. Therefore, we dedicate our resources to improving the lives of children in needs and investing in their futures.

Underprivileged children, especially those in developing countries experience difficulties achieving their full potential. We want them to have the chance for a brighter future. Through our partner, Sunny Korea Foundation, we are helping our communities in areas of health and education, which are core values in our social responsibility commitment.

Health is the most important foundation
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Children living in developing countries, especially those in poverty, do not have access to advanced medicine that can save their lives. Through our partner, Sunny Korea Foundation, we seek to help those children.

The foundation partners with local government and hospitals to bring children with congenital heart defects to Korea for operations at advanced medical facilities.

One operation is usually enough to fix the defect and allow children to live a healthy life but patients in developing countries, unfortunately, die without even having a chance to be diagnosed.

​We also finance trips to Korea and operations for children born with rare and incurable diseases to give them the medical attention they require.

To date, we have helped over 300 children to come to Korea for medical treatments.

Education is the key to a brighter future
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Education and cultural exchanges introduce young minds to the diversities of the world and offer opportunities to learn. Over the years, we have partnered with foundations to organize numerous initiatives including youth orchestra, martial arts classes, and language exchanges for students in developing countries.

The Ho Chi Minh Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, for example, is composed of 100 students from Vietnam and Korea. Through participation, not only do they learn to play musical instruments but also learn the importance of cooperation despite the language barrier.

They now hold two fundraiser concerts each year to fund medical treatments for the underprivileged in Vietnam. We also send Korean language teachers to developing countries and help students improve their job prospects. To date, over 600 students have enrolled in the program each year.