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Pathwel CEO's Message

Young Kee Moon Pathwel 문영기 페스웰

Greetings from Pathwel's CEO

Welcome to Pathwel!

Thank you for taking time to learn more about Pathwel. Pathwel plant in Jincheon was built in 2016. However, our history in amide business go much further than that. Our family started as a distributor in amides industry in 1974, and has evolved into a company that manufactures fatty acid amides.


At Pathwel, we do what is right. We know that doing the right thing is caring for those around us, whether they are our clients, vendors, employees, or people who simply need our help. We take pride in taking care of our customers and vendors so we can sustain and grow into a long-term partnership. We understand that in order to take care our clients and vendors, we need to take care of our employees - and ourselves. That's why I emphasize the teamwork within the company, and bringing positivity at the office and at the factory. 


At Pathwel, we truly value each and every one that we meet and talk. I believe that is what sets us apart from others, and we will strive to make Pathwel better everyday through continuous improvements in products and services. 


Please feel free to reach out through out Contact Us page if you have any questions or comments. I personally go through all the inquiries and comments on a regular basis, and would love to hear from you.


During these times of pandemic, we at Pathwel wish everyone good health and hope everyone stays safe. 


Thank you. 


Young Kee Moon

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Pathwel Co., Ltd

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